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About us

Our history

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, Antonio Bonilla, CEO and founder of LYNX-ITidentified an opportunity that was opening up amidst all the health and economic crisis that was announced daily in the media: the need of many companies to get back to work with the least possible economic impediment. Thus was born LYNX-IT, an international trade agency specialized in the reduction of production and raw material costs through the search for international suppliers.

Competitive difference

The fundamental principles that underpin our company are transparency of information and empathy. We report and advise our customers on any aspect that concerns their goods, supplier or customer. With the sole objective that the customer is aware and understands what is the work we do and how we do it. We provide our services by putting ourselves in our client's shoes, we dive into their company to learn the exact needs they have in order to give them the solution that we would want for ourselves, the best one.

We are direct partners with carriers of all types, customs agents, tax agents, investors, etc., which allows us to have very competitive prices in the market, in order to provide coverage and service to all types of customers.

Efficiency and ease

We simplify management processes to a simple conversation with us.

Commitment to our customers

We provide assurance and guarantee of success in the provision of all our services.

High qualified specialists

Wide knowledge in customs procedures and international multimodal transportation.